Introducing our tree planting partner - Trees for the Future  
    We’re passionate about trees. Why?

Our planet is facing an environmental crisis, and we want to help. Every day, we lose trees at a rate of 50 football fields per minute, as the development of agriculture continues to destroy the Earth’s precious ecosystems. As a species we are encroaching on the last remaining bastions of wild space and are threatening our future existence, and that of the planet.

This rampant deforestation is making all of us, regardless of where we live, more vulnerable to the climate change that lies ahead. We want to help reverse this damage.
  When we first came up with the idea for 10 Steps to Mars, we wanted to place tree planting at the very core. By combining our passions for walking, health and the planet we started out on a mission to build the world’s first step counter that is helping create a healthier planet.

Ecologically speaking, trees are the most effective and economical way to capture and store carbon dioxide, and we are on a mission to plant 12 million of them by 2023.

That’s a lot of trees and we’re only a small team. So, how are we going to plant them?

We’ve decided to partner with Trees for the Future. For every 100 coins purchased through the app, we pledge to plant at least one tree through our amazing tree planting partner.

Trees for the Future runs an innovative program across the sub-Saharan region, providing training and support for local farmers to create Forest Gardens. The program is currently focused on working with farmers in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania, as these are areas where the program is currently having the biggest impact and seeing profound results.

Over the course of four years, Trees for the Future work with farmers to plant thousands of trees that protect and bring important nutrients back to their soil. This in turn helps them grow a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, increasing their income whilst improving the environment. You can read more about their approach here.

So, not only does planting trees with Trees for the Future have a positive impact on the environment by offsetting carbon dioxide, it also promotes the long-term health of land, families and communities, breaking the cycle of subsistence poverty and leaving a legacy of hope for the future.

We’re proud to partner with Trees for the Future. We’ll be keeping you regularly updated on our tree planting, and will publicly announce each donation we make to Trees for the Future.
b progress. Join our mission, and plant trees to combat climate change.
  Nov 1, 2020 - 2 min read  
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